Investing in Iran and Tehran Stock exchange Part 1


We have had lot of requests about TSI(Tehran Stock Exchange) and investing in Iranian stocks.

Zand News is going to dissect the entire sector and give you the result and recommendations.

As always we will remain impartial unless told otherwise.


Direct investment has been made possible and much easier since 2 years ago when new legislation was passed.

“The Regulations Governing Foreign Investment in the Iranian Exchanges and OTC Markets” can be read entirely in english HERE .

FOREIGN INVESTMENT PROMOTION AND PROTECTION ACT (FIPPA) is also very important and makes sure to the investors that the state is supporting

expansion of foreign investment in Iran.


The OIETAI(oranization for investment economic and technical assistance of Iran) and it’s website is very professional and they work directly under ministry of economic affairs and finance.

Their website is very professional and with lots of inforamtion for anyone interested in investing or working in Iran. They cover for example taxes and what paperwork you need to do and who to contact.

So thumbs up to them =)


Tehran Stock Exchange Website


Moving on to TSI things are not as bright here for the english speaking website visitor. There is a huge difference in the amount of information that is presented and we discovered

a couple of broken links. One great page is the live and free stock information and index by TSE here

The stocks are all in english and the prices are updates every 1 min which is excellent considering most exchanges require a free for live price feeds.




TSI provides a pdf files with over 80 licenses brokers on their website. The pdf must be out of date because some of the firms

listed there were either shut down or had changed website addresses. What worried me was that some of the company domains

listed there were blocked when I tried to browse there and my internet security software had to jump in and block malwares existing on those websites.

TSE has of course no responsibility for the web security of the firms on that list but since they provide the list it should be kept updated and demands put on the license holders another the service

they provide.


We were looking for a licensed broker who is providing online trading in english. There are huge opportunities in Iran and money to be made trading stocks and commodities and indexes.

The question we are asking ourselves is if the market and the brokers are ready for a non persian speaking investor.

Join us in part 2 next week to find out.











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