Iran ends fuel subsidies for 1800cc and above cars

Iran has ended supplies of subsidized gasoline for cars with engines of 1,800cc and bigger, ISNA reported on Sunday. 

Iranians with cars pay 4,000 rials (33 cents) a liter for a monthly allowance of 60 liters and 7,000 rials a liter for larger volumes.
Such cars will be only supplied with 300 liters of gasoline per month at 7,000 rials a liter.
Previously, cars with engines as powerful as 2,000cc were included in the rationing plan.
Iranian official have said the country has become self-sufficient in gasoline production since domestic use decreased following a phase-out out of energy subsidies that began in December 2010.
The country, which is grappling with international trade, financial and energy sanctions over its nuclear program, aims to become a “major” gasoline exporter.
Gasoline at a subsidized price will no longer be available in Iran’s border area, Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi was cited as saying in December 2012.
The fuel will instead be sold at the market price to curb smuggling, Qasemi was cited as saying.
Source: Tehran Times

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