Iranian companies active in Latin American mines

An Iranian deputy minister of industry, mine and trade says Iranian private companies are operating in mines sector of Latin American countries.

“Some Iranian companies have invested in the mining sector of Latin American countries and are working in that region’s mines,” Mohammad-Taqi Korei said Sunday, adding that Iranian government would support other firms interested in South American projects.

“Iran’s presence in South American mines is aimed at exporting technical and engineering services [and] to this end, the government provides Iranian companies with necessary information about mines in the countries in this region,” he stated.

Iran has reportedly been operating in mines in Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia. It has also agreed to prospect for lithium, a strategic metal, in Bolivia, and mine for gold in Venezuela.

The Islamic Republic has been expanding relations with Latin American countries over the past few years, describing the effort as one of its major foreign policy strategies.

Major Latin American nations have also enhanced their diplomatic and trade ties with Iran in recent years.

Source: Press TV

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