Iran to launch world’s largest gasoline unit

Iran will start within coming days a new gasoline production unit at the Shazand refinery which will produce 8.5 million liters gasoline a day, the Mehr news agency reported on Friday.

Rashid Seyedian, director of capacity enhancement project at the Shazand Refinery, said the development project of the unit is nearly completed.
The refinery, located near the central city of Shazand, produces gasoline, liquefied gas, propylene, kerosene, diesel fuel as well as fuel oil and tar.
The country’s total gasoline production capacity has risen to 70 million liters in last year, while more developments are put into operation, the agency reported.
Iran managed to completely halt the imports of high octane (premium) gasoline in recent months, defying the U.S.-led sanctions.
As well as boosting refinery capacity, a cut in state subsidies which pushed up the pump prices since 2010 December, helped Iran to achieve the self-sufficiency in gasoline.
Now, Iran is self-sufficient in gasoline production and has no need to import premium or regular gasoline.
Iran previously imported 30 to 40 percent of its needed gasoline consumption.
Source: Tehran Times

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