Iranian manufacturers build mining rigs

Iranian experts have managed to manufacture drilling rigs special for mining operations, IRNA quoted National Iranian Copper Industries Company official Reza Esfahanipour as saying.

The system will be used for drilling down to one thousand meters into the earth, he added.
Manufacturing the drilling rig lasted about a year, he said, adding that it had the advantages of increasing speed and reducing transportation costs compared to foreign-made rivals.
Last week, IRNA quoted Iranian Industry, Mine, and Trade Minister Mehdi Ghazanfari as saying that Iran’s existing mineral reserves will sustain for 140 years if 400 million tons of the reserves are extracted annually.
Iran’s discovered mineral reserves are valued at over $770 billion, he noted.
The potential mineral reserves are estimated to be 57-58 billion tons, of which 37-38 billion tons have been proven, he said.
On September 4, 2012, Ghazanfari said that Iran possesses two percent of the world’s total mineral reserves.
He added that the mineral reserves include 12 metal and 36 non-metal ores.
About 5,000 mines are being exploited in the country, he stated, adding that around 340 million tons of minerals were extracted in the previous Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 19.
Earlier this year, Geology and Mineral Exploration Organization Deputy Director Behrouz Borna said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has the largest mineral reserves in the Middle East.
Iran is also one of the top 15 countries in the world in regard to mineral reserves and exports its industrial and mineral products to 159 countries, including Iraq, China, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Afghanistan, he stated.
Source: Tehran Times

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