Iran builds huge oil products storage facility

A large oil products storage facility with the capacity of 350 million liters has been inaugurated in Iran’s southeastern city of Kerman, the Mehr News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The facility includes 4 kerosene tankers, 5 gasoline tankers, 2 diesel fuel tankers, and 2 jet fuel tankers.
Some 650 billion rials (about $53 million) has been invested to build the facility.
On January 20, the Mehr News agency quoted National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company managing director Mostafa Kashkouli as saying that Iran plans to establish storage facilities with the capacity of one billion liters for oil products by the end of the next Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2014).
Last year, facilities were built with 86 million liters capacity, he said, adding that 472 million liters have been added to the capacity since the beginning of the current year.
The capacity is projected to be boosted by one billion liters in the next calendar year, he noted.
At present, Iran has the capacity to store 11.5 billion liters of fuel, which is sufficient for 58 days consumption. Last year, 16 storage facilities were inaugurated nationwide, boosting the country’s storage capacity by 1 billion liters. The storage capacity is planned to hit 14.5 billion liters by 2016.
Deputy Oil Minister Alireza Zeighami has said that a package of investment, worth $47.5 billion, has been prepared to develop different sectors of the oil refining and distribution industry, the Mehr News Agency reported.
He also said that the national oil pipeline network will be expanded to 5100 kilometers from 3700 kilometers by 2015.
Source: Press TV

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