Iran’s tax revenues surpass $19.5b

Iran has earned 240.13 trillion rials (about $19.5 billion) tax revenues during the first ten months of the current Iranian calendar year, which began on March 20, 2012, IRIB quoted State Tax Affairs Organization’s director Ali Askari as saying.

The revenues collected were 17 percent higher than the figure corresponding to the same period in the previous year, he noted.
Iran’s Finance and Economic Affairs Ministry has
Set the target of 430 trillion rials (about $35 billion) in tax incomes for the next Iranian calendar year, while the State Tax Affairs Organization has cast a doubt on realizing the goal, ILNA reported.
The organization has said that this year’s tax revenues had been projected to hit 360 trillion rials (about $29 billion), but just 90 percent of the planned sum will be earned in the most optimistic case.
On January 1, the Fars News Agency quoted Askari as saying that the Iranian administration earns about 43 percent of its current budget through tax incomes.
According to the fifth five-year national development plan (2010-2015), 100 percent of the needed sum should be secured through tax incomes by the ending year of the plan, he added.
On November 28, 2012, Askari said that Iran gained roughly 194 trillion rials (about $16 billion) in direct tax incomes during the first eight months of the current Iranian year.
On October 31, 2012, ILNA quoted Tehran Chamber of Commerce Chairman Yahya Al-e Es’haq as saying that Iran will replace oil incomes with tax revenues in the next calendar year’s national budget act.
The next year’s budget act has paid special attention to tax incomes, he said, adding that tax incomes will be the main sources of securing the state budget.
Source: Tehran Times

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