Iran’s annual seafood exports to hit $300m: official

Iran will export as much as $300 million worth of fishery products by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20), IRNA quoted State Fishery Organization head Gholamreza Razeqi as saying.

Fishery exports stood at $200 million in the previous calendar year, he added.
Fishery production has amounted to 800,000 tons so far this year, he said, adding that the figure stood at 663,000 tons in the year ended in March 2011, and 735,000 tons in the year ended in March 2012.
Over 200,000 individuals are currently working in the fishery sector, he noted.
According to FAO, Iran ranks the 33th in terms of fishery output.
In October 2012, Razeqi told IRNA that some 4,000 tons of shrimp, valued at around $17 million, was exported last year to the UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Australia and Spain. Infrastructures have been provided to export 500 kilograms of caviar in the current year, he added.
Source: IRNA/Tehran Times

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