Iran considering exporting LNG via plant in Oman

Iran is considering exporting liquefied-natural-gas via a plant in Oman, a top Tehran official has said, a move that would allow it greater access to gas-hungry Far-Eastern markets.
Tehran and Oman last week agreed to build a pipeline transporting Iranian gas to the Sultanate.
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Alireza Kameli, managing director of the state-owned National Iranian Gas Exports Co., said one option being considered is “to participate in the Oman LNG plant” and “market LNG cargoes” with its Persian Gulf neighbor.
Despite holding the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, Iran currently only exports gas through pipelines to Turkey and Iraq.
Through its Omani partnership, the Islamic Republic could ship the commodity to lucrative Far Eastern markets—currently the main destination of Omani LNG tankers. Sanctions have made it impossible for Iran to build its own LNG terminals economically.
The Iranian-Omani pipeline, transporting almost one billion cubic feet of gas a day, will take 2

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