Iran says could be ‘reliable’ gas supplier to EU

Iran could be a “reliable, secure and long-term” supplier of gas to Europe, AFP quoted Iranian industry minister, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, as saying in an interview published on Monday.

“We don’t want to compete with Russia. But we know that Europe’s demand for gas is increasing and would like a share in this,” Nematzadeh told the business daily Handelsblatt in an interview.
“We have the energy reserves and cooperation plans. But as far as Russia is concerned, that is a decision for Europe alone,” the minister said.
The statement seems to tap into the West’s anger against Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.
Europe and the United States expressed disdain after Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in March with pro-Russian gunmen continuing to seize government buildings in the east European country.
Some analysts, including Thomas L. Friedman, advised the reduction of Europe’s reliance on Russian gas as a strategy to increase pressure on Vladmir Putin’s government.
Russia has the largest gas reserves, and is the largest exporter of natural gas, which mainly goes to Europe.
The gap between Iran and the West has narrowed recently with Iran making progress in negotiations with the P5+1 to reach a final deal regarding its nuclear program.

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