Iran ahead of 110 countries for exports growth rate: IMF

The Islamic Republic of Iran has ranked 67th in terms of exports growth rate in 2013, according to the latest statistics released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

IMF said in its new report that Iran’s exports growth rate was higher than 110 countries in 2013, the Tasnim news agency reported on Saturday.
In the report, entitled World Economic Outlook Databases (WEO), IMF noted that the volume of Iran’s exports of goods and services in 2013 increased 5.4 percent in comparison to 2012.
The trend has occurred while Iran has encountered with crippling sanctions in recent years over its civilian nuclear program.
The average growth of global exports in 2013 was 5 percent, IMF added.
In its annual report of the Iranian economy, which was published on April 3, 2014, IMF had said the new Iranian administration that took office in August 2013 has made some headway in improving the external environment and confidence in the outlook.
The report noted that Iran had achieved considerable progress in raising per capita income and living standards in previous decades. But in recent years, such progress stalled as both domestic policies and the external environment deteriorated.

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