Iran faces water shortage crisis, warns energy minister

TEHRAN – Iran’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian has warned about a serious crisis of water shortage in the country.

A committee, headed by the deputy energy minister, has been set up and some decisions have been made to deal with the situation, the Mehr News Agency quoted Chitchian as saying on Sunday.
On April 6, it was reported that water in 57 dams in the country are less than 40 percent.
Iran has 157 dams.
According to IRNA news agency, 19 dams contain between 40-50 percent water, 27 between 50-70 percent, 25 between 70-90 percent, and 24 between 90-100 percent.
The deputy head of Iran’s Water and Sewage Company recently warned that “500 cities in Iran are facing a water crisis.”
In the last December, Chitchian said “old methods” such as building dams will not help to “get out” of this crisis and the focus must chiefly be on “water management”.
Over the past 25 years Iran has succeeded to occupy the third place in the world in terms of dam building but now most countries in the world, including Iran, are facing serious water shortages, the minister explained.
The private intelligence company Stratfor noted in a recent report that Iran’s rainfall rate is only about one-third to one-fourth of the global average.

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